I’ve been working a lot on my Etsy site. Here’s some of the new goods….

s7300072Here’s one of my nursing covers. I love this fabric and wish I had bought more!

s7300001I made this bag awhile ago, but never got it on my site. I like it because I sewed vintage buttons onto the centers of some of the flowers.

s7300083If Peanut was a boy, we would keep this. It’s got cowboy prints all over one side and the softest red fur on the other. Love it!

I’m also finally adding my little bags. They’re great for makeup, purse organization, or a million other things. I was asking RayRay to help me come up with a cool name for these bags. He half-heartedly said “What about Nifty Little Bags?” I dig it. So, they are now known as Nifty Little Bags.

The good news: I met an owner of a small new shop tonight. She wants to see more of my purses and bags! So, I’m sewing like nuts to get more made. Let’s hope this turns into something….!