Tonight Bean was playing with her toys and pretending to change their diaper. “Poo-Poo,” she said as she wiped Winnie the Pooh’s stuffed butt. Then, she grabbed a diaper. “Poo-Poo,” she exclaimed and tried to put it on, the diminutive bear disappearing into the Pampers size 4. She turned to find her next needy charge.

“Poo-Poo,” said Bean as she approached me and stuck a diaper… well, down there. Then, she grabbed her wipes and tried to clean me up.

I politely informed her that I had not crapped my pants and was capable of using the facilities all by myself. I am a big girl, you know.

In other news, we took both girls to get their pictures taken today. We got pictures of Peanut. We got pictures of Bean. We only got one picture of Peanut + Bean together and it’s terrible. Peanut is about to cry because Bean is hugging her head. Bean looks dazed and confused. This does not bode well for the future…