Today Peanut had to go to the hospital for a test. She has horrible reflux and they wanted to make sure there was nothing wrong inside. So, she couldn’t eat for several hours and then she had to drink this nasty stuff. Then, we all watched her digest it. The good news: There’s nothing physiologically wrong with her. The bad news: She is now plugged up with that stuff. She won’t poop.

Tomorrow we go to the pediatrician to see what we can do to help her reflux. Now, this isn’t just a teency bit of spit-up. This is where she completely soaks about 20 burp cloths a day. And bibs. And outfits. And my outfits. This is bad enough that it makes her choke and lose her breath. So, we’re taking care of it.

Back to poop. Peanut won’t poop. Bean will. Tonight Poppy was letting her run around naked after her bath. She loves this new activity. Mama no longer loves it since I saw her poop on our rug. That’s right. The expensive hand-made Central Asian rug got pooped on. Fortunately, it came up without any, well, residue. From now on, there is no streaking on the rugs. (Take that any way you’d like.)

In other news, I mailed my first order out today. Yay! Let’s hope the orders keep coming. If you haven’t seen my shop lately, check it out. Yes, that was a shameless plug to make you go look at my site.