We always say please and thank you to Bean so she’ll learn her manners. She now thinks that you say “thank you” any time you give or get something. So, we’ll hear her sweet voice say “Tanku,” and we know she wants us to take something from her.

The other day RayRay was driving with her in the car. “Tanku,” he heard. He reached his hand to the back where she was sitting and she gave him her doll. A few minutes later, he heard “tanku” again. This time, she gave him her book. “Tanku,” he heard a third time and reached his hand back. She started trying to give him something in her hand. He thought it was fuzz, which she hates and always wants to throw away.

It wasn’t.

Instead, he felt something slimy. “Tanku,” Bean said as she handed her daddy a booger.