First day alone with the girls
No sleep last night
Oatmeal in Bean’s hair
Blueberry jelly in Bean’s hair
Fighting match to get into clothes
Poop everywhere
Peanut spits up
And spits up
And spits up again*
I change my shirt
Double doctor’s appointment
RayRay comes home to help
My hair didn’t get brushed
Bean = ear infection
Amoxicillin bought
Peanut = 8 pounds, 1 ounce
Home again, home again, jiggity jig
Bean won’t eat
Peanut spits up
And spits up
I change shirts
Bean goes to sleep
Peanut eats
And spits up
And goes to sleep
So do I
We get up
Bathe Peanut
She spits
and Poops
On me and the bathmat
Another load of laundry goes in
Then the key turns
Daddy is home
I can go to the bathroom
And change my shirt
Bean paints a picture
Then gets a bath
She won’t eat dinner
It’s on the floor
Then she sleeps
I feed Peanut
RayRay burps her
She spits up
He changes his shirt
She sleeps
I blog

And I wouldn’t trade a moment of it for all of the world.

*We’re talking to the doctor about whether this is reflux or just genetics. Bean was a horrible spitter & I was, too. So, don’t worry.