I’ll go ahead and warn you that this post has an entire section that is filled with inappropriate references to breastfeeding. In fact, the whole point of this post is an inappropriate reference to breastfeeding.

You may notice that I finally took down my pregnancy ticker. I didn’t need to know that I was 6 days from my due date since my 3 1/2 week old daughter is sleeping comfortably beside me and my heartburn/swollen feet/backaches have abated with the delivery of my second child. Instead, I put up tickers to tell everyone exactly how old my daughters are. Because I know you’re desperately interested. Yes, you are.

Then, I noticed all of the other tickers that Lilypie offers. You can tell people when you’re going to adopt a child, when your next birthday is, or your due date (of course). There are some non-conventional tickers as well. There’s the conception ticker. You can tell people when you’re ready to conceive. I think  this is way, way, way beyond TMI. This is TDMIYF. (“Too Dang Much Information, You Fool!”) No one but you and your spouse need to know which days you are most fertile.

There’s another ticker that I can’t figure out: The breastfeeding ticker. Now, I’m all about nursing your babies. It’s best for them, it’s free, and it’s way way way more convenient than bottles. But, I’m not a breastfeeding fascist — I’m laid back. People have to make their own choices. And, while I think that breastfeeding moms should get a pat on the back (and a free ice cream sundae) for the time sacrifice and the resulting lack of sleep, I don’t go around announcing to people that I’m nursing. I don’t don a superhero outfit — although I no longer refer to myself as Gigantor. Now I am the Lactinator.

In short: I am a quiet breastfeeding advocate. So, I will not be adding the following ticker to my site:

Lilypie Breastfeeding Ticker

However, during my first bleary-eyed nights of nursing, I did decide that if I ever open a Breastfeeding Supply Shop, I’m going to name it The Lactation Station.