Yesterday I started having regular contractions at 6:00. At 8:00, the hospital peeps told me to come in. We dropped Beanie off with a neighbor and headed off. I got into the exam room around 9:00, where I laid on the examining table. (Very uncomfortable, I might add.) Two IV bags, one little pill, and 6 hours later, they said I could get off the table and go home. The contractions were real, but it wasn’t time yet and they were able to stop them.

So, while I was packing my bags to go to the hospital (and I packed as if I was going in to stay & then to bring home a baby), I thought of all of the things I haven’t finished:

*Baby bedding

* curtains & a shade for the baby’s room

* The special baby quilt I wanted to make for Peanut and that I wanted to have to wrap her in as we left the hospital

* Finding the perfect going-home outfit that I picked for her (I like to pick it out — just because I’m the Mama)

* Buying Christmas presents, especially for Bean & Peanut

* Buying a gift for Peanut to give Bean and for Bean to give Peanut

* Shaving my legs so I don’t gross out the hospital staff

Yes, all of these things were undone. So, today I’m working on as many of these items as I can. But, I’m also staying on the couch and drinking a ton of water so I can ward off any future contractions. Let’s leave this bun in the oven as long as possible!

Go on over to Bean & Peanut’s website to see a funny video. I’ve entitled it “Daddy Dresses Bean.” That’s all the info I’ll give you. Watch it and you’ll laugh.

P.S. To moms out there: Do any of you have a Hotsling? Do you like it?