A week from right this moment I will not be stressed and my fingers won’t be covered in pinpricks. My shirt won’t have threads and fabric scraps clinging to it, and my sewing machine can get a well-earned rest. Why? Well, next Thursday night is the school craft fair. I’ve been sewing tote bags, makeup bags, purses, and baby blankets to get ready. That’s why I’ve been a bit AWOL.

In other news, Bean is going to be a princess tomorrow night. Well…. maybe. She has a tutu. She has a flashing crown. She did have a scepter/wand, but she broke it. However, she hates barettes, bows, hats, and anything else on her head. Therefore, I don’t have much hope that she’ll keep the crown on. As for the tutu, I put it on and she immediately wants it off. I think Bean will end up going to the Fall Fest as a little girl. I’m going as a pregnant lady. One of our friends suggested that I wrap myself in toilet paper and go as a Mummy-to-Be.