In order to tell you this story, I must own up to something embarrassing. I have the song “I’m too Sexy” by Right Said Fred on my iPod. To the older generation, it’s not some booty-shakin’ immoral song. It makes fun of people who think they’re too hot for their own good. What? Did I hear y’all ask if I have any booty-shakin’ immoral songs on my iPod? Um…. I plead the 5th.

Ok, so the secret of my music choices is out. Phew. Now I can get on with the story.

The other day Beanie & I were hanging out and listening to the iPod. She was playing and I was working on LaLe stuff. This song came up in the shuffle. I looked up to check on her. She was standing there, shaking her bootie. Then, she put her hands in the air and started turning circles. She clapped, she boogied, she thoroughly got down with Right Said Fred. I played it twice in a row and got up to dance with her.

Man, I love my kid!