I’m jumping on this Picture Tag bandwagon. I have two picture folders: one on my hard drive & one on the external hard drive. So, you get two stories. Here’s the scoop:

Open your pictures folder
Go to the SIXTH folder
Go to the SIXTH picture

Publish it to a NEW POST and tell the story of the photo.

From the C: drive…

Ok, this is boring! It’s actually the second picture because there are only two in that folder. This is a scan of the page I sent to Britty when she was designing my LaLeStyle logo. These are tulips drawn in the Central Asian style (because Lale means tulip in Central Asian).

Now, for the more interesting G: drive…

Here’s little, tiny Beanie! She was about 6 weeks old and we were doing a photo shoot. I guess she was getting sleepy. Speaking of sleepy, she has now dropped her morning nap. This means that I have to drop my morning nap. I am now perpetually sleepy.

P.S. To Teresa: I got your other tag, I just can’t find the perfect puma picture! I will not neglect the tag…. it will come!