In addition to taking care of a sick little Bean and taking care of a sick little me (THANK YOU POPPY AND MIMI! I couldn’t have made it without y’all!), I’ve been working hard to prepare for the upcoming campus craft fair. I’m putting in lots of new items that I don’t have up on my LaLeStyle shop yet. First, I’ll try to sell them at the fair.

Good news on the shop: A random person listed me in their favorites! This means that a random person somehow found me. And liked me. Yay. Still no purchases, but it will take time, I know. Also, I need to do a lot more marketing. This will have to wait until I finish the 8 tote bags, 8 purses, 10 baby blankets, 2 baby quilts, 10 paci pouches, and 20 makeup bags I’m preparing for the craft fair. I’m about 1/4 done. Three weeks to go. I think I may have to start skipping a nap or two to finish. (Oh, perish the thought!)

But, this post really isn’t about all of that stuff. It’s about my new buddy here. Around our house, we call her the Spider Woman. No, she can’t scale walls and she doesn’t have a leotard that she wears while fighting crime. But, she was instrumental in getting rid of some abandoned, spider-infested vehicles that were parked by our apartment complex. (That’s a whole other story.) And, my husband views her as some sort of spider because she likes to hide places and scare him. (That’s two whole other stories.)

Spider Woman has a great sense of humor and no sense of decorum. This is why we are great buds. We really get one another. We became friends because she brought us brownies when we moved in. We stayed friends because I figured out that she and her whole family are nuts. We like nutty people.

There is one other fact that you need to know about my friend that I ordinarily would not reveal: She sleeps nekkid. Just a birthday suit. Of course, I only know this anecdotally, not from personal observation.

Today, her two kids were sleeping, so she decided to take a nap. (Au natural, as usual.) Then, she heard keys jingle and someone open the door. It was 3:20, just about the time her hubby was coming home from his classes. But, he was being really noisy! She was scared that he would wake up the two kids and was angry that he forgot that it was their naptime. So, she threw off the covers, marched her naked heinie to the bedroom door, and flung it open to see the terrified face of the maintenance man who was changing her A/C filter.

“Like Joseph when faced by Potiphar’s wife,” he mumbled an apology and ran out of the house. (That’s her quote, not mine.) She ran to the living room and peeked out the window to see where he went. Then, she called me. (Still in the buff, mind you.) As I’m laughing hysterically, she begins to holler “Oh no! Oh no!” Apparently, her hub had come home. And was talking to the maintenence man. The following is a re-creation of their conversation:

A/C Dude: Uh, sir. I need to go in there and change the filter.

Her hub (Who does not know what has just transpired): Well, my kids are asleep right now.

A/C Dude (fidgeting and looking around nervously): Uh, well, Uh….

Her hub: Can I take a new filter and just change it myself?

A/C Dude (with tangible relief in his voice): Sure. (He practically throws the filter at her hub and runs away.)

We are all positive that Spider Woman and her family will be thrown out of the seminary by this weekend. That is, if A/C Dude decides to talk….

On another note, Bean likes to hang out with Spider Woman’s sons. Let’s call them Streaker and Mr. Happy. Streaker is the same child that I found butt naked and trying to climb out of the crib when I baby-sat him. Mr. Happy is the most laid-back baby ever. He just sits there and smiles. And, he usually is only wearing a diaper. I think that’s why he’s happy.

Yesterday I went in to get Bean after her morning nap. She had removed her socks, her pj pants, and her diaper and thrown them out of the crib. She thought this was incredibly funny. When I got to her for the afternoon nap, she had socks and pants off and was working on the diaper. She now only wears those snapped onesies to bed. I blame the influence of Spider Woman and Streaker.