I’m babysitting right now. Well, I guess you could technically say I’m babysitting, but the baby doesn’t even know I’m here. His folks are out and he’s sleeping. I’m sitting on the couch blogging and watching tv. Here’s the bummer: they don’t have cable and there’s nothing good on. I may be forced to watch the Spanish channel before the night is through.

Yesterday I went to the doc. Peanut is growing just fine. We’re narrowing down names for her, but I know we’ve got a long time to go before we’re sure. We are sticking with all of the old-fashioned names we like so much. Beanie’s got an old school name and Peanut will too.

You know, I sit up at night and think of all kinds of interesting things I want to blog about. But, when I actually have computer time, I never feel like it. So, I guess this is it for today’s post. Maybe I should just get out of bed when I think of cool posts and write then.