Well, we haven’t had much rain from Ike, but we are enduring really strong winds. Bean went outside today and she couldn’t walk into the wind. It was actually funny. Her hair was standing straight up, she was bunching her face, and she was trying so hard to follow her Daddy to the car. He had to come get her, though.

We had a brown-out today. I never knew what that was before. It basically means that you get 1/2 of your electricity, but which half is quite random. The kitchen lights work and the plugs for my microwave work, but the fridge doesn’t work. The living room doesn’t work, but the hallway does. Fortunately, our room and Beanie’s room have power, so we get to run fans. This is very important since the A/C is on the 1/2 that doesn’t work. Ahh…. nights like I’m back in Central Asia.

We got power back in the afternoon, but I still wasn’t going to cook. So, we went out to eat with some neighbors. Three more couples from our apartment complex were there. While we were eating, one lady came over to tell us that her neighbor had called — the electricity had browned again. So, here we are waiting for the return of our partial power.

All of this is nothing compared to the peeps who will receive Ike’s full blast. We are praying for you guys that are down there! Anyone who needs a place to evacuate is welcome to drive here. Of course, you’ll have to go about 300 miles out of the way to avoid driving through the hurricane….. but I promise that we’re fun and it’s worth it.

Now I think I’ll read a bit before going nighty-night.