The title tells you all that I’m thinking about lately. Well, that and Bean’s poop. It’s been funny all weekend. But, now it’s back to normal. (For non-parents, sorry to gross you out. All parents out there should understand the need to examine and obsess over your baby’s poop.)

Last night I finally took my sewing machine apart. Ok, let me rephrase that: I took all of the screws out and should have been able to get the dang thing apart, but something is causing it to catch. I can pull it apart enough to see the problem: the fanbelt. It either slipped or broke. So, I think I can fix it. If I bust the machine, that’s fine. Repairs started at $100 (not including parts) and the machine itself was $120. I thought I’d just try to fix it myself and if I broke it, I’d buy a new one. It would cost roughly the same.

As for my Etsy shop, my launch date is next Monday, September 1st. My trouble right now is that the weather and one of the kids isn’t cooperating for the photo shoot. It’s dang hot, but at least it’s sunny. So, that’s good. But, the field where we’re taking pictures is wet. As for one of my models, he has a 103 degree fever. Putting him in the hot sun on a wet field isn’t going to help him get better. So, we’re postponing that. It’s actually ok, though. First of all, my little neighbor buddy’s health is much more important. Secondly, maybe I can get the machine fixed and I can finish one other project. (I only lack about 15 minutes of work!) That way, I can have something else to put on the site.

Now, I’ve looked on the internet on how to get my machine open. Apparently there’s a hidden screw beneath a label….. I’m off to find it!