Today we went to church with my Grandma. They were reading from the book of Jose.  At least, that’s what the teacher kept calling it. I know that Jesus loves all nationalities of people and has the whole world in His hands, but I didn’t know there was an Old Testament prophet named Jose. Apparently, he married a streetwalker and told Israel to straighten up or they’d end up in exile. I guess Jose isn’t very creative, since this is the same stuff ol’ Hosea did.

I was the youngest person in the class by at least 20 years. There were some visitors there in their 50s and my folks were there, so we were the younguns. The regulars are all in their late 70s and up. One lady came in late. She was impecably dressed except for one thing: Her knee highs ended below her knees and her skirt didn’t start until after her knees. Other than this, she was very sharp. She came in and got the Bibles to hand out to everyone. At the end of the time, the teacher turned it over to her and she started telling jokes. Later, my Grandma told me that she is 90 years old. She just retired from her job this past year. She sings in the choir for three services (which is why she was a bit late to class), has the job of handing out the stack of large-print Bibles to everyone (a very important duty), and always ends the class with some jokes.

When I am 90 may I be blessed with the same activity level and bright heart as her! But, please, if any of you make it to 90 with me, let me know if my knee highs end before my skirt begins.


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