No, Bhoody doesn’t win a chicken dinner, that’s just the title I thought of. She does win beignets. Bhoody, you must come with Tito and Lil’ E to see me and claim your prize. As for the most correct answers, Karen wins with 3 correct. I must say thanks to Hank for holding back although he could have swept through to glory with perfect answers. Bhoody played over the phone and got most of them right, just for the record.

Now, here’s the right answers:

1. d. Boeuf River — It’s the Beff.

2. b. Bayou Macon = Bye Macon — For the longest time I thought they were referring to an area called Bi-Macon.

3. a. Tchopitoulas — The “T” is silent. So are most of the other letters. I think of Chop-It-Too-Lass to remember. (Bhoody says the last syllable should be written Lus or Lis, but I’m sticking with my original phonetic spelling.)

4. a. Mer Rouge = Murroodge. Say it fast and you’ll be right. You might even sound like a native who’s pulling up to the Country Cream in a Dually with hay and beer cans thrown in the back.

5. c. Louisiana = Luz-i-an-a. Slur this one as well. I am proud to say that most people got this one right.

And, Carolyn is technically correct on the meaning of Vieux Carre, but here in Nawlins, it means the French Quarter. So, sorry. But, hey…. if you come see me, I’ll still spring for some beignets.

In other news, I don’t think I’ve announced my due date. It’s December 25, 2008. Yes, a Christmas baby. Still, Bean came a week early and since I may have to have a repeat C-section with this one, I think the actual due date will be a week earlier. I’m getting fatter and feeling somewhat better, but still just so darn tired all the time. I guess it’s because I could nap all I wanted when I was pregnant with Beanie, but now I’m too busy chasing my little walking sweetie. She’s toddling everywhere and it’s adorable. Video to come soon (if I can get the camera on her at just the right time.)

Thanks for playing along with our phonetic trivia game!