We went cruising through the French Quarter after dinner tonight and figured out that it’s only 4 miles from our house. Ray Ray visited a church there yesterday (I felt yucky & stayed home). We think that the French Quarter might become our new Sunday afternoon hang out. No, not for the beer and the girls — they only come out at night. Well, I’m sure you can find them in the day, but it’s less obvious. Instead, there’s all kinds of music, arts, and food.

Since moving to Louisiana, I’ve had to learn to read and write again. Nothing seems to be pronounced the way it’s spelled. Here’s a little quiz for all of you. Read the word, then try to figure out which phonetic spelling is correct. These are all place names from Northeast Louisiana (near RayRay’s hometown) or from here in the Big Easy.

1. Boeuf (It’s the name of a river)

a) Bo-eff

b) Boof

c) Bo-uff

d) Beff

2. Bayou Macon

a) Bye-you May-kun

b) Bye Ma-kin

c) Bay-ow Ma-co

d) Bay May-Cohn

3. Tchoupitoulas (A big street here in the Big Easy)

a) Chop-it-too-lass

b) Tkoo-pit-oh-la

c) Cho-pi-toh-lis

d) Tich-oop-i-too-las

4. Mer Rouge (home of the yummy hot dogs)

a) Murroodge

b) Mehr Ruge

c) Mur Rude

d) Merridge

5. Louisiana (Don’t be fooled by this one!)

a) Low-eeze-ee-an-na

b) Lou-ise-ee-ann-ie

c) Luz-i-an-a

d) Lou-is-ahn-nah

I’ll post answers when I get around to it. Bonus points to anyone who can tell me what my title means without using Google or any other search engine/website. The prize: You come to see me and I’ll buy you beignets at Cafe du Monde. (That’s Ca-fay Du-Mohn in case you’re wondering. And they’re called Ben-yays.)