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Daily Archives: June 26, 2008

Bean shares a book

Here’s Beanie playing with “Da” on her birthday. Look close and you’ll see her take a little step. I also have video of her playing at the children’s museum, but you can’t see her face very well. She’s growing like a weed (so is her hair), starting to walk, talking more, and has figured out sign language. This, plus the booty-shaking equals a lot of new things to learn in one week! I can’t believe my big girl is 1!


My sweet Monkey-Pie turned 1 today. We celebrated by going to the Children’s museum. She had an absolute blast. Tomorrow we’re having the cake (it’s better for our schedules and she’s too little to notice anyway). I made the cakes today. Since we’re having people over, I made 2 cakes. One for the adults to eat and one for me to cut into a little cake for her. (We’ll eat the leftovers of that.) Also, since it was her first cake, I wanted to make it from scratch. So, to mix it all up, I had to get creative. I realized after the 2 cups of shortening, the 4 cups of flour, and the 8 eggs that my largest mixing bowl was too small. So, I used the stew pot. Hey, it worked.

Pictures and videos forthcoming….

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