Tomorrow we’re taking a break from unpacking and going to the Aquarium of the Americas. I think Bean will enjoy it.

Lately she’s quit taking her good, long 2 hour naps. They’re short (about 45 minutes) or non-existent. Has this happened to any other moms out there? Advice is welcome.

In book news, I’ve been reading a chapter or so each night. This really adds up. I recently read The Secret House by David Bodanis. (Actual full title is The Secret House: 24 Hours in the Strange and Unexpected World in Which We Spend our Days and Nights. That’s a long title.) It’s an old copy from 1986 that I found on my bookshelves at home (Yes, Bubbie, it was yours. I ganked it.) and read it to pass the time. It starts with the morning and tells everything that happens in your home on a microscopic level. The parts about fungus growing on the walls and dust mites in my bed gave me the heebie-geebies, but I still think it was a rather fascinating book. Now, when I wash my hair, I know what I’m washing out and why conditioner works. If you like random information like this, I’d recommend the book. I looked on Amazon and there’s an updated edition (2003). I’d get that if you can. There was some stuff that was amazingly out of date. It made me realize how much technology has lept and bounded away since the mid-80s.

In other news, we bought a couch today. We went into the store looking for a loveseat or small sofa that was cheap. We left with a large one that was more expensive. To the saleslady’s credit, she found out our price range and wouldn’t even show us stuff that was over it. I saw this out of the corner of my eye and asked about it. We looked at the others and were going to settle, but we weren’t happy. Since we got a great deal on a portable dishwasher (our only option here other than two hands) and we also found our washer & dryer on sale, we had the extra cash-o-la in the budget. This couch wasn’t that much over what we wanted to pay and it’s something I think we’ll use happily for years. The others would have just been ok. If you’re buying something that is temporary, ok is ok. If you’re buying an investment like a couch, you might as well get what you’d like, right? Right.

Pictures will come as soon as the couch arrives (next week), I find my camera cable (who knows), and I get the place cleaned up (when kingdom comes).

Thanks for checking in as I’ve been so sporadic in blogging. Hopefully I’ll get back to regular typing about random stuff soon. And here in the Big Easy there’s a lot of random stuff to tell you about!