We now have internet. I am reconnected. And, I have a further backlog of e-mails. I am really considering deleting them all and just starting fresh. I mean, sure I could answer that note you sent me 6 months ago, but would you really remember sending it? Or, by answering would I just remind you that I’m a slacker that doesn’t do e-mail? Would it open old grumbling wounds? Yeah, I thought so.

By the way, there’s been a final decision regarding the casserole name. See the comments on this post to read the final and definitive answer. BethGun gets major points for her creativity, prose, and punctuation in her answers. Papa Steve loses points for not liking black-eyed peas. (Come on, man! You hate milk, you hate peas, what else is there? Or, should I ask what you do like to eat? Do you survive on pork rinds, carrot sticks, and orange juice? Or, are these foods also on the no-no list?)

The people here are all really really nice. Not over-the-top-always-smiling like Joel Osteen. Which is good. Otherwise I couldn’t be friends with these people because I’d always be wondering why they smiled like that. No one smiles that much. No one.

LDL, Lisa, and Tito (and any other lawyers in the bunch), does the previous paragraph open me up to a lawsuit for libel? I’m not sure if I care that it does. I just want to know so I can begin saving up for the lawyer fees. Wait. Tito, you’re my lawyer. And my daughter’s future father-in-law. You’ll represent me for free since you would hate for your son’s future wife to grow up without her mother because she’s in the clink. Oh, but you’re a business lawyer. Dangit. That plan fell through….

My house is a wreck. There’s boxes everywhere. But, we can’t seem to put anything away since we sold all of our furniture. So, I have to buy a bookshelf before I can put the books away. I still don’t have a couch. We have one really old recliner, one cool little red chair I got at an antiques store, 3 wooden chairs that you can only sit straight up in, and 2 folding chairs. That’s it. Oh, and the new computer chair. I forgot about it. It’s comfy. My butt cheeks won’t fall asleep as I type.

As for the apartment, it’s a 2 bedroom, 2 bath. It’s certainly the smallest apartment I’ve ever lived in, but it’s really wisely laid out. The kitchen is tiny, but it has a huge amount of cabinets and counter space. There’s double towel racks in all of the bathrooms. There’s a walk-in closet in our room. There’s a wide hallway that we could line with bookshelves except for the fact that little feet will be pitter-pattering up and down and up and down that hallway soon. There’s a gazillion plugs and outlets here — Anywhere you want to plug something in is no problem. There’s a plug. And, the only rooms that share walls with the neighbors are the bathrooms and the kitchen. We have a neighbor upstairs, but they are either really quiet or the insulation is great. Anyway, I’m happy. Also, I’m not moving again this year. That makes me double happy.

It’s now late and this wandering post has wandered on long enough. This wanderer has also wandered long enough and is grateful for a place to drop anchor and unpack boxes. Once I have a couch and my crap is in place, I’ll post pictures.