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Daily Archives: June 3, 2008

Well, I’m back at a computer that has internet. So, I’ll post. Aren’t you all happy?

And no, I still can’t find the cable to my camera, so you still don’t get Bean pictures.

The picnic was great and I saw no West Side Storyesque facing off between the Methodists and Baptists. In fact, they even let the Episcopals, Catholics, and non-church-attending townspeople come with nary a batted eye. It was as I expected.

The food was fabulous — they got a cotton trailer (which is a flatbed the size of an 18 wheeler) and covered it in tablecloths to put the food on. We filled it. And, to my delight, desserts made up about 50% of the fare.

We all talked, Bean was the star, and everyone complained about the gnats. It was town unity at it’s best. Instead of driving a block or so, several families showed up on golf carts. At the end of the picnic, one woman took home two elderly women in her john deere golf cart/yard utility vehicle. (It’s like a golf cart with a pick-up bed.) One woman put her walker in the back and sat down. The other woman hung off the side. I was reminded of another village get-together that the hub and I went to about a year ago. When it ended, this is the way they took one grandpa home:

In other news, we leave Monday or maybe Sunday or possibly Saturday. (Yes we are great at planning ahead.) We are headed to the Big Easy where the hub will get another degree, this time in marriage & family counseling. We’ll live on-campus in really nice housing and once we get through unloading all the boxes I hope to find that pesky camera cable and I can finally post Bean’s 10 month pictures, 11 month pictures, and a great video of her eating her first pizza. (She loved it.)

So that’s my post. Who knows when I’ll get to a computer + internet again.


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