Apparently my belly remembered pregnancy and has slipped quite easily back into it’s old form. By 8 weeks, I was already in maternity pants. Now the only non-maternity tops I can wear are the big empire waist ones that are in style right now.

(Off topic tangent: I watch What Not to Wear on TLC because it makes me laugh. However, there is one thing that bugs me. They call it an ahm-PEER waist instead of an empire waist. Uh, ok. That’s about like saying that you shop at tahr-ZHGEY instead of Target. Every time they say it snooty, I shout out the correct word at them. I’m sure they’re grateful for my help.)

So, I look pregnant already. Really really pregnant. I’ll try to find the camera in the heaps of our junk & take pictures for you to see. Or, you can just go back to this post and see what I looked like when I was twice as pregnant with Bean. That’s what I look like now.

And no, it’s not twins. We already had one ultrasound and clearly only saw one peanut. I suppose that another peanut could be cleverly hiding, but I really don’t think that God would play that kind of joke on me. I mean, having a 9 month old and getting pregnant again while we’re homeless and unemployed — this can be considered humorous in a cosmic, heavenly way. But pregnant with twins? If that’s the case, then y’all will all hear me scream. And then I’ll move into a 4 bedroom apartment: one for me, one for the kids, one for my mom, and one for my mother-in-law. I’ll need major backup!

By the way, I must have been really crazy and busy all through April. I didn’t notice that The Blab has turned 2. Thanks for reading all of my crap for the past two years. (Hmm. I wonder what could have made April so crazy? Could it be that I was moving across the ocean, changing jobs, changing cities, and finding out I was pregnant? Nah. I guess it’s just forgetfulness.)

Bean is now walking/running/falling behind her walking toy. She scoots it across the floor while she’s doing a half-dive, half-walk behind it. It’s so adorable and also scary — mobility is just around the corner! My precious girl is growing so big. Her favorite thing is to be outside playing. She especially likes grass, dirt, dogs, and sticks. I think we can safely say that she may look like the hub, but she is taking after me: 100% tomboy!