I have been watching the local news with Aunt Cat. We’re waiting for Wheel of Fortune to come on. First story: Could an Earthquake Hit Monroe? This story was prompted by the catastrophic earthquake that happened in China. But, did they cover the earthquake in China where actual people are hurt and homeless? No, they talked about the possibility that an earthquake could ever hit this city. The verdict: Not likely.

Next, they showed a story about some employees who were caught spitting in the Happy Hour Specials at Sonic. They also put bugs in the drinks if they didn’t like the people. Obviously this is a huge deal and could affect Sonic on a massive scale. They fired the offenders and had pr people on to talk about it, blah, blah, blah. Then, they cut to a commercial. A Sonic commercial. For Happy Hour. Can we all say “Bad Timing?”

Ooh! The tacos are ready and Wheel of Fortune is on! Gotta go….