Well, I’m now no longer a Texas resident. This is hard for me to swallow. (Oh, stop rolling your eyes, you Louisianans!) Even though we lived in Central Asia, I still had the Texas drivers’ license & still felt like a Texan in Central Asia. This is different for some reason.

So, we’re here in the hub’s home town. Population:153. It was 150 until yesterday when we drove in. Of course, there’s some wonderful things about this place. We are enjoying all of the greenery, the trees, the quiet, and the close proximity to chili dogs and hot fudge sundaes. There’s also a new cupcake bakery a few miles from here. It’s called Curl’s. Not “Curls” or “Curls’.” So, we can infer that the owner is named Curl. (Beth, I just finished the chapter on apostrophes. It was enlightening. I’m going to get this book for all of the punctually-challenged out there.)

My hub is now talking about packing our stuff in a horse trailer. He did say he’d wash it out first. I gotta go.