I’m taking a break from telling you our moving saga to tell you a saga from today.

We were enjoying conversation and Italian food with some dear friends at The Olive Garden today. Bean was exhausted, so she slept through most of the meal. Then, she woke up. She was hot & got really sweaty in her carseat, so I took her out. To keep her happy, I did what I call the Mama Dance. You’ve seen this before: Baby on the hip or in the arms and the Mama is swaying back & forth. So, I’m standing by the table doing the Mama Dance when I feel something hit my flip-flop-clad feet. I assumed that condensation from my water glass had dripped off the table. Then, I felt it again, along with a warm sensation at my waist.

Bean had filled her diaper (that’s why she woke up), and left no more absorbent room in there. So, as she peed while wearing her dress and propped on my hip, the pee left the gap at her leg and rolled down mine. In Olive Garden. At our table.

We went to the restroom where she got a complete outfit change. Since I neglected to pack a new outfit for myself in Bean’s diaper bag, all I got was a sponge bath with wet wipes.

The moral of the story: Check the contents of a baby’s diaper before doing the Mama Dance.