Here’s the final installment of the story of our move from the Big City to Sea Town. Once we get settled in, I’ll begin the story of this move. If you think these latest posts were exciting, just wait. The new stories are to the old stories as Teletubbies is to an Jean Claude van Damme movie.

Now, enjoy the repost…

Adventures in Moving, Part III

Get ready for the third and last installment of our moving saga. If you haven’t read the two stories below, be sure to read them first. But now…. On with the story….

At the end of the last episode, we revealed that we had a 2 1/2 hour wait for a ferry. But, they come every hour. What caused us to miss two ferries? What kept us waiting in a tiny town by the side of the road? Well, around 8:45 we got a call from the mover saying something about 5 kilometers out of town. We were hopeful that he meant we could all make the 9:00 ferry. But, 9:00 came and went. We watched the ferry pull away. J called them back and the guy said some word that started with an S. We pulled out the map and saw a city that started with an S pretty far up the road. We wondered if they were lost or what the deal was. Now, to explain why we couldn’t understand him, you have to know these things:

* He had a difficult accent to understand.

* There was a lot of static on the phone lines.

* We were tired, frustrated, and cranky.

* He was speaking a different language.

About 9:45 he called us back. By this time, we were really stressed out. What on earth was going on?!? Well, we finally understood. The truck was out of gas. And the main guy had walked 5 kilometers to the nearest gas station. And no one would take him back to the truck. And he was waiting on us to get there. Fortunately, he was only about a mile from where we were. So, all this time, he thought we were coming to get him, but we didn’t understand what was going on and thought he was on his way to meet us!

Once we arrived at the gas station, it became clear that someone would have to wait there. Now, by this time it was past 10 at night. But, there were only 2 spots in the car. (The rest was piled to the ceiling with junk.) I couldn’t drive the car (it’s a standard), so J had to go. The mover had to go – he had the gas and needed to drive the truck back. So, I waited in the gas station café. Our mover was very considerate and walked me in there. He told the employees who I was and that I would be waiting there. Also, he informed them that my husband, two moving guys, and himself would return for me shortly. Needless to say, the people at the café were very kind to me. So, I sat down to drink a terrible cup of instant coffee and watch my husband drive off into the night.

The next section of the story is secondhand information – after all, I was in the gas station, right? Well, shortly after J and the mover (who we’ll just call Buddy) began driving back to the truck, they encountered a road-block. The police were stopping every vehicle, so J knew that the second stop of the day was coming. Playing dumb wasn’t an option this time with Buddy in the car. Buddy did most of the talking at first, but as soon as J opened his mouth and spoke something in this language, the police officer was no longer interested in talking to Buddy. What he was interested in was discussing the iPod. These handy little music machines are extremely new in our country, and way too expensive to be common yet. Most people have never seen them. This police officer thought it was a radar detector (illegal) or some type of computer. He was probably trying to figure out why a foreigner was driving a car full of stuff (mostly couch cushions) with a sweaty local who had a big jar of diesel. And, which branch of spy service he was with. Finally, his curiosity was satisfied and he was released. The other two mover guys had been taking a little nap, so they woke them up, got the diesel in the truck, and headed back to the gas station to fill all the way up and get me.

We headed to town just in time to make the 11:00 ferry…. And I mean just in time. We got on and the ferry shortly afterwards pulled away. There’s a nice little lounge upstairs that people usually go to for a glass of tea or coffee and to stretch their legs. We were tired of any adventures like that and desired the boring safety of our little, packed car. But, by this point we knew there was only one thing left to do: laugh. We spent the duration of the ferry ride laughing about the events of the day and calling people in country to tell them and laugh. But, the laughter wasn’t over yet…..

We arrived at our new apartment around 11:30 and were met by the 4 singles from our home fellowship who currently live in Sea Town. We’re always glad to see these friends, but never so glad as that night!!! They immediately began helping to unload the car & truck. We were trying to be as quiet as possible in order to respect our new neighbors, and overall, I think we were pretty good about it. Still, some neighbors showed up and told us to quit using the elevator. How else are we supposed to get everything up 4 flights of stairs? We weren’t complying, so they shut the elevator off. Nice start, right? We figured that 30 minutes of elevator use was better than 2 hours of up & down stairs. I guess they disagreed.

Our hero arrived shortly before we moved the refrigerator, oven, and washing machine. Who was our hero? The landlord came home around 1:30 in the morning and asked us: “Who turned off the elevator? You can’t be expected to move without the elevator! I’ll fix that!” So, he turned it back on and helped us move the last things in. At this point, it was obvious that the movers were way too tired to drive 6 hours back to the Big City. So, we dug all of our sheets out of the boxes and bags and made up pallets on the floor. J & I retired to our room at 2:30 a.m. – exactly 12 hours after we had left our first home. At 3:30 in the morning I woke up hearing the door close. It was the movers. After their little nap, they decided to try and make the 4:00 ferry. So, they folded their sheets, fixed the couches, and slipped out the door.

It was a long day, a big adventure, and we learned one thing for sure……

When you hire budget movers, you’re signing up for a moving escapade you’ll never forget (not even if you want to)!