Some of you know that the hub & I had a blog before I started this one. With the exception of a few interesting points of light, the entire blog was boring. So, we took it down.

Right now we are in the midst of major move #5 in our married life. As life settles down and we settle in, I will tell you stories from this move (and believe me, there are stories). But, to prepare you and give you an idea of our previous moving experience in this country, I’m re-posting the story of our move from the Big City to Sea Town 3 years ago this month. Today, you have the first installment.  Enjoy!

(P.S. You can tell that I wrote this for our boring blog that we shared with everyone. Why? Because I don’t say the word crap one single time!)

Adventures in Moving: Part 1

Are you ready for a wild ride? Well, we weren’t when we set out to make this move. We’ve moved several times in the past: Almost every semester in college, to our apartment in Waco when we were married, to our house in Waco, and then across the ocean. This move would be a piece of cake, right? Uh, yeah. I’ll say no more…. I’ll just begin the first installment of Adventures in Moving!

In preparation for moving from the Big City to Sea Town, we asked around for moving companies. One quoted us a price of about $900. Not too bad when you consider that they pack everything for you (except your dishes and books), they take all the furniture apart (if applicable), they move it 5 hours away, they unpack everything, put things back together, and put everything away. However, we told a friend about this & she was sure she could find us a better deal. A few phone calls & a discussion with a co-worker later had us a reservation with a nice guy for only $300. A significant improvement! The guy came by, looked at everything in our apartment, and was convinced he could do the job. This was the perfect situation! A trusted friend of a friend who was charging us much less and was a genuinely nice man – plus they had insurance in case they broke anything. The downside: I had to pack everything but furniture. No problem! We’ve only lived here a few months & we really didn’t have much stuff. Books, clothes, dishes, and a few odd knick-knacks were packed by my neighbor and friends and we were ready for the journey ahead.

The adventure began at 8:30 in the morning when the landlady arrived to pick up the keys. She was giddy and excited because she was moving into our place in a few days. For the first time in her life, she was becoming a homeowner. This was quite significant for her because she is an immigrant from a Communist country. There, she was a part of a minority group that is very closely related to the Central Asians we live among. In fact, their language is only slightly different. The woman who showed up to get the keys and help us pack that morning was definitely different from the woman who tried to kick us out 6 months earlier. (I declined her offer to help pack since the only remaining items were our unmentionables that were on the drying rack!)

The movers were supposed to arrive by 9:00. So, we got everything ready, ordered some breakfast for us, our friends helping us, and the movers, and then began packing up the team car. It’s a bit like a small SUV, with plenty of room in back. We packed the breakable dishes and other fragile items in there, but we didn’t have it packed too full. We knew the truck would hold everything else. At 10:00 the movers finally arrived. I took one look at the truck and thought, “I guess they’re going to move us down with two trucks. I wonder where they parked the other one.” J and our friends began taking our furniture apart – to save time. We had a 6 hour journey ahead, plus unpacking. We were already behind. We also realized that more stuff would have to go in the car.

By 1:30 that afternoon, one thing was obvious… there was no second truck and all of our things would not fit. We realized these movers had never moved that far out of town before. Their specialty was in-town small moves or deliveries. They didn’t realize what they were getting into, either. We began selling off some of our stuff. Our landlady returned to see how things were going and we sold her the desk. Our friends bought our end tables. Two mattresses we were borrowing from some people were going to have to be left behind. While the boys and the movers were negotiating what would fit and what would be left behind, another crisis struck. The landlady’s new fridge and oven showed up – 5 hours early! Our appliances were already out, but the kitchen wasn’t cleaned yet. And worse, my cleaning supplies were already packed up! So, we were using hand soap from the bathroom and paper towels to clean the mess that was under the fridge and the stove! Anyone who’s watched me cook knows I’m a mess. So, next to the stove, where the gap was between it and the counter, was a huge, greasy, icky, nasty mess. The paper towels weren’t cutting it. So, the landlady disappears into the bathroom. She returns giggling like a schoolgirl and holding something up….. That’s right…. She’s taken off her shirt and put her raincoat back on! She used her shirt to clean up the mess & get ready for the oven to be put in. I am floored, not only because she’s on her knees scrubbing with her shirt, but because she used to be so cold and mean and reserved. But now, something has definitely snapped. She had to leave to pick up her daughter from school, so she even asked me to sign for the appliances.

So far, I’m thinking that the day can’t get any wackier than this! But, I was wrong! My landlady scrubbing the floor with her shirt while the boys moved our furniture into the basement was actually the high point of the day. What went wrong? Tune in tomorrow for more of the story!