Well, we’re out of our house. We’ve sold everything we could and given the rest away. Now we’re in the Big City staying with some good friends. The hub & I were saying last night that every time we’re here it’s like a breath of fresh air.

The house isn’t fancy, it isn’t immaculate, it doesn’t look like a show room — but the people are gracious and kind. We watch movies, we eat together, we laugh. This is a home where we can be comfortable just sitting on the couch and hanging out. I always want my home to be the same to anyone who comes over.

Now that I’m officially homeless — or transient at least — I’ve been thinking quite a bit about homes. Sure, we have the house we’ve been staying in while we’re in Waco, but we have to move out in about a month. Then, we’re planning on moving to the hub’s home town for about 2 months or so. Then, there will be another move, possibly to New Orleans, possibly somewhere else. Where will the next home be?

The hub & I have been married almost 8 years. In that time, we’ve had 5 major moves. The worst part of any move is after the furniture is out and you’re dealing with all of the little stuff. If you’re moving in the States, you just throw it in a box and decide to deal with it later. When you’re moving overseas, you can’t do this. There are weight limits to think about, so every item is carefully chosen. “Do I have space? Do I have weight?” — These are the questions I asked about every item I came across. One bag we re-packed 3 times just to make sure it was efficiently done. (Thanks, Lindsey!) So, as the furniture was gone and I was facing piles of random items that had to be packed, tossed, or given away, I prayed & asked God to please allow me to stay in a place more than 3 years.

It’s been 3 years to the month from the time that we moved to Sea Town. Almost 3 years to the week. Of course, part of that time we were nomadic, but still…. this house has been home to me longer than any other house. I still can’t believe that we’ve left it for good.

I feel good about moving on. I feel it’s the right thing. And, God has blessed us incredibly! Otherwise, how could we sell everything, clear out our house, and say goodbye to most of our friends in only 2 weeks? That’s impossible. But, it’s been done. One amazing thing: I’ll get to keep my Mama Chair! Our friend here told us about a company that will pack a crate for us. We’re sending the chair, Bean’s bookshelves, boxes full of my ceramics and our books, all of our rugs, and lots of other random stuff back. I left a tall stack of items in the corner of my living room for the cargo guy to come get next week. There’s tons of baskets, boxes, and tubs and I was sure that it would cost a fortune.

If I couldn’t bring the Mama Chair back, I was going to buy a new one. The chair would have cost $249. The slipcover that made it so special is $79. That’s a total of $328.

Shipping the entire crate from our home in Sea Town to my in-law’s house, putting it through customs, and unpacking it will cost less than a brand new Mama Chair.

In so many ways, big and small, I am feeling blessed tonight.