Ok, so we made the decision to sell our stuff separately instead of in one big chunk.

We have some stuff going in a truck to the capital.

We sold some stuff to a local friend.

We’re frantically trying to get rid of the other stuff with minimal trouble & maximum cost.

Then I get an e-mail from someone offering me $4000 for the whole lot!!!!!

Why couldn’t they have done that sooner? Before it was too late? Sigh.

Still, it’s going fine. I think we will be taking my pretty chair back with me. So, all of you can come over and see what we’ve dubbed “The Mama Chair.”

Now it’s late & I’m going to bed. Today we went to the village and said goodbye to the village people, but my tales of burping teyzes, sweet friends, and homeade yogurt/zucchini dishes will have to wait until another day.