We’re still trying to sell our crap. We didn’t find a single person who realized that our wonderful home was being sold at a fraction of it’s worth. So, we’re selling it bit by bit. And, we’re packing a huge crate to send back via a boat. The real bad news: Almost nothing from Bean’s room sold. The good news: I might get to bring back my pretty chair!

We found a good cargo company to use. Here’s one of their ads:


Ok, so that’s just Bizaroo by Dan Piraro from yesterday. Still, I thought the timing was impeccable. Maybe Dan Piraro is following me? Does he know that I’m selling my stuff and looking for a cargo company? Is he wise to my game? Is he in league with the Communists who are out to get me? What is up with that?

Paranoia has set in. I must go pack.