We’re here and deep in the throes of saying goodbyes. It stinks. We’re also trying to sell all of our crap. We may have a buyer for most of it, so that’s good. Then we can send it off in one truck.

Bean has been a real ray of sunshine lately. She’s jet-lagged as we are, but she’s still so much fun. She’s got this great smile that she flashes whenever she sees us. She’s also so busy these days! Always crawling, always pulling up on something — she’s on the go. Last night we went to a friend’s house. For 3 hours she tore up pages from a magazine that they gave her. She was in heaven. So, for her birthday this summer I’m not buying any toys. I’m just going to give her old magazines. It will make her happier that way. She wasn’t interested in any of the toys I brought — she just wanted the magazines!

She’s still blowing raspberries when she’s happy. The funny thing is that she does it in peoples’ faces. It’s especially funny when she spits all over some of the kids we know. They are shocked and frantically start wiping their faces. I’m sure it’s inappropriate for me to laugh at them, but I do anyway.

I also learned a new version of Scrabble from the other Americans over here. It’s called Speed Scrabble. It rocks. I will teach it to anyone who wants to play upon our return to the States.

The time here is going so fast and yet not fast enough. I know I’m leaving, so I’m ready to have it all over and done with. Yet, I wish I had so much more time with all of my friends.

More in days to come…