Since we’re moving back to the States, we’ve got to sell all of our crap in Central Asia.

(Side note: In this instance, “crap” should be translated as “items of immense value that I am selling at a fraction of their worth simply because I can’t fit it in a suitcase and therefore all of you should buy it and even offer me 90% above asking price for these mementos of my time in Central Asia.”)

I decided to share pictures of everything via a blog. Maybe if people saw the goods, they’d decide to buy them. Since there’s a crazy boycott of WordPress in Central Asia (don’t ask, too complicated and infuriating), I couldn’t set up a WordPress blog to showcase my worldly belongings. Instead I chose a Blogger blog. It confirmed in me that I love WordPress.


Oh, shouting that with my fingers and the caps lock key felt amazing. It was as if I was typing on a rooftop or at the edge of the Grand Canyon where the echo of my sentiments could roll out to the distant horizon as thunder does on a cold spring morning.

Why does WordPress rock the house? Blogger was easy to set up, but it only gave me about 6 options for backgrounds. Beyond that I would have had to go on a hunt for others via a 3rd party. The screen where you upload stuff and write your post has about 25% of the features that WordPress has. There’s no way I can view my stats to see how many people are visiting me. There’s no page where I can see all of the comments organized neatly. I have very few widgets. There’s hardly a sidebar to be seen. Basically — it’s like those Comic Classics we used to read in 6th grade. You remember those, right? They’d take a tremendous book like The Scarlet Letter and recreate it in simple comic book format. Then, in case it was still too hard for us to follow with all of those pictures and stuff, we would listen to it on tape while reading along. The result: 50 pages of black and white drawings that suck the soul out of great literature and replace it with the withered carcass of something that once was great.

Blogger, you are the Comic Classics. WordPress, you are the glorious embodiment of the Classics themselves.

Note: If you use Blogger, I am not slamming you, I am merely slamming your blog-hosting service. Actually, I’m triumphing over it. Start a blog as a trial on WordPress (as many of your colleagues have done) and I’m confident that you’ll switch within a week. It’s just great. Stellar! Fabuloso! Muy Great!

Now, fellow WordPress bloggers, raise your voice above the din and clatter of the information superhighway and shout along with me in color and caps lock: I LOVE YOU, WORDPRESS!!!