Congratulate me — I’m a grandmother!!!

Here’s how it went down…. At the school in New Orleans (yes, LT, most likely the same one y’all are looking at!), we had days full of conferences and info sessions. Because it was difficult to have Bean there during these times, my Mama came with me to watch her. Well, everyone got to know our precious girl because A) She’s so sweet!, B) She’s so pretty!, C) She’s so funny!, and D) Do you need more reasons? One of the students at the school particularly fell in love with Beanie and watched her any time Mama couldn’t. Every meal Jamie would take her and stroll her around so Mama Hen could eat. So, it was common knowledge that this particular child had a mama and a grannie there…..

The last day Mama Hen wasn’t feeling good, so she stayed at the room. Jamie helped me with Bean and at the end, I was thanking her. The wife of one of the big dog professors approached us. The following conversation ensued….

Woman: Isn’t she pretty!

mab: Thank you!

Woman: I’m so glad you could come!

mab: Thank you. It was good to see the campus.

Woman: Yes, it’s good to see where our daughters and sons will be living, isn’t it? And, it’s so good that you came to take care of this little sweet one!  (Turning to Jamie….) And I’ll be praying for you as you make the decision about where to come to school!

Yes, that’s right. The woman thought that Jamie was Bean’s mama & I was the grannie.  Now I know I turned 30 a few weeks ago, but I don’t think that I aged that badly. After all, Jamie is only 28. I guess that indiscretion at Mother’s Day Out when I was two is finally catching up to me. Therefore, let me introduce my daughter and granddaughter to the world:


Now it’s getting to be late and the local news is coming on. After that I have to soak my dentures and head on to bed.  Old farts like me can’t stay up too late, you know!