I just sent the newsletter that loosed the proverbial bag and allowed the proverbial cat to escape. We’ve made the decision not to move back to Central Asia. Instead, we’ll be staying in the States. The hub will probably be going back for a master’s degree in Counseling. We were in New Orleans checking out a school down there.

This news is also the reason for my blogging silence of late. So much of our lives has swirled around this decision. Then, after we decided, we wanted to tell as many of our supporters in person as possible. Then, we got to the point where we wouldn’t have time to tell everyone one-on-one, so we had to go for the newsletter. Anyway, sorry about the silence. It seemed that I couldn’t write about anything without touching on this. So, I’ve been leaving it alone.

One other reason I’ve been so quiet: It’s dang hard to write stuff here. Over there I can talk about stuff and mock people and be pretty certain that no one who knows them will read it. Here, I can’t do that. Or, if I did, it would look like the following story (which I’ve purged of every identifying statement)….

At some point in time I was talking to ___, who said ___. I couldn’t believe it! I mean, didn’t they see that it was totally incoherent? People who are ___ aren’t necessarily ___ and to equate the two is ridiculous.  But, before I could reply, our attention was distracted by the ___ where ___ was talking about ___. They were mostly arguing, and I just had to ____ in response.

Yeah. Boring. And non-informative.

On a less boring note, we’re heading back to Central Asia in about 2 weeks. We’ll have 3 weeks there to pack, say goodbyes to some very dear friends, sell our crap, and let go of this place. I was very blessed by the response of one family friend today. Many people have simply celebrated when we told them we were coming back. She responded with much more sensitivity. Her immediate questions were about how we feel to leave behind these friends. While we are thrilled to be closer to friends and family, to say goodbye to these friends who have adopted us into their family will be heart-rending. It is a bittersweet experience where we haven’t tasted much sweetness yet.

You may be tempted to comment and say that we shouldn’t worry because we can visit these people again in 5 years or so. Unless your response when I moved to Central Asia was “Don’t worry about leaving behind your family, friends, and what you love — you can always come back to visit every 5 years or so,” you can’t say that. By us moving there, we left ourselves permanently stuck. When we’re on that side of the ocean, we miss you. When we’re on this side of the ocean we miss them.  I do hope to see these beloved people again, to snorkel in that beautiful water, to visit the old castles, to drink tea in a seaside cafe, to cook dinner with my best Asian friend B, and have more trips to the willage.

I hope to blog more often in days to come. Until then, check Bean’s website. There are 3 new videos up for you all to see. Thanks for walking this road beside me.