We’re heading out today for a trip to the Big Easy — yes, we’ll be in New Orleans. However, we’re going there via my home town. Actually, we’re taking 3 days to get there. Is this a mistake? Maybe. We’ll see.

I bought Bean a special toy for the trip. We’ll see if it keeps her occupied. I figure that the novelty of something new might be a good thing. It might keep her from noticing that she’s strapped in her carseat again. Well, at least for 15 minutes….  Still, those will be 15 golden minutes!

I have to pack and clean up my house (which is a pit), so I’ll leave you with something funny:


(This is Pardon My Planet by Vic Lee.)

Oh, and good news to the people who have written me the 470 e-mails in my inbox… (Yes, you read that number correctly — four stinkin’ hundred and seventy.)  I’ll be working on answering e-mails on the long drive. So, you might actually get a response from me before 2008 ends. Maybe. If you’re lucky and I don’t decide to take a nap.