Yes, I know I haven’t posted in awhile. Instead of telling you what’s been going on, I’ll give you an essay in pictures:

We had a small get-together for my birthday. Since I didn’t want to think about growing up, we themed the evening “Middle School Pizza Party.” We had pizza and all who dared tight-rolled their jeans and dressed like the early 90s. Even Bean got in the act:



Yes, her jeans were tight-rolled, although you can’t see them. As for the grown-ups, Beth wins the prize for being the Most Totally Rad person there. Witness the greatness of her bangs and her socks:


Later, Britty re-did Bean’s hair. She wanted her to go more for the punk look:


small-bean-mama-90s-hair.jpg  Don’t we look cute? Or are we a hairdresser’s worst nightmare?

In other news, I’ve wanted to get out this week and see lots of people, but Beanie has been sick. She’s had a cold and is also teething.  So, she’s been sniffly, coughy, fevery, and drooly. We didn’t get to leave the house much at all. My super hub watched her last night so I could go out to see a movie. That was fun! Today she’s doing better, so we’ll get to go out a bit tonight.

In my time here, I’ve been working on more sewing projects. As promised, here’s pictures of the quilts I’ve been working on:

This is the first quilt I made for my Mama.


Here’s a close-up of the fabrics:


This is my all-time favorite one. I made it for my sweet girl.


I used some extra fabric to make her a mini-quilt for her baby doll.


Here’s a close-up so you can see all the great fabrics. I like making baby quilts out of non-baby materials. Just because they’re small people doesn’t mean they should be doomed to have bunnies, bears, and other foo-foo stuff all over everything.


I am making quilts to sell, so if you know anyone interested, let me know. I can get you more info.

That’s it for now. Go to our Flickr site to see more pictures of Bean — she’s now 8 months old!