Now that I’ve broken up with IGA, I am spreading my shopping experience between Wal-Mart and HEB. They are both by my house, so I go based on my shopping list — do I need more toiletries or office supplies or craft junk? Then, I choose Wal-Mart. Straight-up food? HEB.

I got an HEB ad in the mail this week. In case you don’t have an HEB near you, they do something called Combo Loco. You buy one thing, you get something else. These are usually great. This week you can buy seasoned carne guisada meat and get tortillas and pinto beans. Or, buy Fritos and get chili and Mountain Dew. Great, sensible deals that complement one another.
Then, sometimes they are a stretch. You can also buy coffee and get free Oreos this week. Well, I guess that makes sense if you like to eat a sweet snack with your coffee. Or, you get free snack mix when you buy Honey comb cereal. I’m not sure who eats cereal with trail mix, but I guess it’s for college students. Who else would mix these items? People addicted to snack foods? Still, at least these items could maybe go together in someone’s universe.

But the deal that takes the cake? I’ll directly quote the ad for you:

“Get free! (with in-store coupon) VO5 Shampoo or Conditioner, 15 oz., when you buy Hill Country Fare Chopped Barbecue!”

Huh? Why? So I can make sure my hair is clean before I open pre-made, pre-packaged barbecue and slap it on some bread?

Combo Loco, indeed.