With 36.94% of the vote, our business man who likes to spend all day chatting with hot sock creature babes (when he’s not training to be a cage fighter, that is) is named Maurice.

Everyone say hello to Maurice.


Lorenzo the Love Creature got 31.58% if the vote. Striper Fitzwilliam the Third came in Third with 20.05%. In last place was Schlappy with 10.53%.

I’m almost finished with another creature, but y’all don’t get to name him. My buddies who gave me the socks get to name him. That’s right — you give me some socks and you get to name the ensuing creature. (LDL, y’all’s is next…. I have big plans!)

So, send me your cast off or holey socks! I’m also taking fabric for vintage-y quilts. So, if you have old holey sheets or cotton clothing, pass it on. (I’d love any of your grandma’s house dresses, table cloths, or stuff like that for sure!)

You can now consider me your fabric recycling receptacle. Pictures of my first quilt coming soon….

In other news, my hub is going on a trip to Thailand today. I am insanely jealous. Thailand and Ireland are the two places I want to visit before I kick off. So, he’ll just have to take me back. What am I doing while he’s gone? I’m organizing a re-do of the house we’re staying in. It’s our church guest house & it hasn’t been repainted or redone in at least 15 years. So, this weekend we get a total paint job, the shrubs that are higher than the roof get chopped, and everything gets freshened up. Then, people in the church are buying items off of a registry to outfit the inside. This is going to be great!