Today was a socky day. Why do I say that? Well, it isn’t every day that you get a package of old, worn socks in the mail and jump up and down with glee. No, I’m not that hard up for warm footwear…. I got a donation from my bud LDL for my new hobby of creating sock creatures.

This inspired me to finish out the details on my first complete monster. (I’m really good about starting a project, but not following through with it. So, we should also celebrate the fact that I actually finished the creature instead of leaving him faceless in a box.) The trouble: this creature needs a name. Will you help?
It’s a he — we know this because he’s wearing a tie.


He’s also some sort of businessman. I know this because I found him on the phone trying to work on some important deals.


But, he has a spicy love life. This is evident by the number of lady sock creatures he has listed as friends on his Facebook profile.


So, what’s his name? Don’t be conventional. Don’t even stick to English or words you’d find in the dictionary. This pattern was called Owsley. The next one I’m making is named Red Wetty. So, any name, phrase, or jumble of syllables is ok. Give us suggestions & then we’ll put it to a vote.