I spent my New Year’s Eve celebrating in the traditional way — I made a sock creature. Ok, I guess it’s only the traditional way if you’re the guy who invented Stupid Creatures. They’re like sock monkeys on crack. I’ve almostAnd, I have to sejust needs a mouth and eyes. And, I have to sew up the hole where I stuffed him. I shall be posting a picture of my creature because I need suggestions for names.

I like this new craft. You take socks and make silly things. There are no precise measurements necessary. If something goes wrong, you can make it into something weird. For these creatures, weird is good.

The trouble… I need socks. You know those socks who run away, disappearing through the portal of your dryer into a parallel sock world? I need the mate they’ve left behind. I also need the socks that have become holey. All socks in all colors are welcome. Unless your feet are particularly pungent, I need your socks. Man socks, Lady socks, baby socks, or whatever…. pass ’em on. Your socks will become craft fodder.

Happy New Year, people!