Today’s mabBlab post is interactive. So, be prepared to interact.

ChadWB asked for strange, ostentatious, unique, or extravagant birth announcements. (No, he’s not pregnant. He needs them to win a bet he made with a buddy in a bar. Ok, that’s not true either.)

So, what’s the most strange, ostentatious, unique, or extravagant birth announcement you’ve ever heard? Leave a comment and tell us all about it. Unfortunately, I ain’t got nothing. My aunt gave me a really funny one about a car company, but I can’t remember it and the paper is in my files in Central Asia. So, it is all up to y’all. Come on. Don’t be shy. Even if I don’t know you. Or if you never comment. Or whatever.  Click on the comments and tell us what you know.

As a reward, here’s another pic of my sweet bean.