I am a nomad. Nomad am I. Since we flew to the states we’ve been in my hometown, my hub’s hometown, back and forth to Waco, and even out to Phoenix. We are incredibly good at packing all of our stuff into suitcases and moving to yet another home in an instant. Sigh….

The good news is that we’re now house-sitting for some wonderful people here in Waco. We’re actually in my old neighborhood in an older home like we used to live in. I’m loving it. We’ll have some time to unpack and actually be at home. While we were praying for a place to stay, I decided to pray crazy & ask that the home we’d get would have a piano.  I started to cry when I walked in, looked over, and noticed a beautiful piano in the corner of the living room.

It’s sometimes good to pray crazy.

So, we are here in Waco, however, our time is pretty stacked right now. Lots of doctor’s visits and other commitments. I’m seeing a slowing down after New Year’s. We definitely want to see all of you soon, but we’ve got to take it slow. All of this traveling and being out has really affected Bean — and I hate to see her stressed. So, be patient, my lovelies, and we’ll be calling you soon.

As for the medical stuff, all is going well. No worries in that department. Now I’m off to shower while Bean is still napping. I have taken several pictures of her lately (including her 5 month photo shoot). I’ll try to get them up soon.