First, a shout-out to my buddy CL: YAY, BABY! Her little one arrived happy and healthy on Monday. I never imagined I’d be stateside when he arrived, so I’m just tickled blue. (No, not tickled pink…. it is a boy, you know!) When we get back to my hometown, I hope to visit the little cutie pie.

Right now, however, we are in RayRay’s hometown. So, you know what that means…. HOT DOGS! Yup. I had a footlong today with a cherry coke and an ice cream sundae to finish it off. The chili on the hot dog was perfect. In fact, I’d call it perfectamundo. The hot dog itself has a bit of spice and it is some unnatural shade of red. Ordinarily this would freak me out, but my taste buds overcome my reason. They also overwhelm my vocabulary and bring me to declare the cheesy dog scrumptogorgeous. The cherry coke wasn’t the kind in a can. No, it was the kind where they dump the overly sweet cherry-flavored syrup into the coke, thereby decreasing the nutritional value of that beverage from a zero to a negative 15. And, it had the little crunchy ice! So, what do I call that cherry coke? Yummity Yum Yum! Then, there’s the sundae. Man, the fudge they put on that sundae is some serious fudge. If I had to think of a word to describe the fudge, it would be wonderlickitylicious. Underneath this wonderlickitylicious fudge is the best custard ice cream you’ve ever eaten. My word for this ice cream: custardeliciosity.

In short, today I had a scrumptogorgeous hot dog with perfectamundo chili, a Yummity Yum Yum cherry coke, and a custardeliciosity ice cream sundae with wonderlickitylicious fudge.

I shall return tomorrow to experience this gastronomical and vocabularical delight once more.