We’re back in my hometown hanging out with my mom. We’ll head to RayRay’s hometown in a few days. Bean is busy being held, hugged, kissed, cuddled, played with, sung to, talked with, and generally admired.

Besides seeing family and surprising Britty, y’all know I’ve been looking forward to the food. I’ve had BBQ, Mama’s roast, steaks on the grill, Luby’s, chocolate chip pancakes, fried chicken, and heaps of bacon. But some of the most beautiful meals have been simple turkey sandwiches with cheddar cheese. Yummmmmmm! Next week we’re having the best turkey in the world for Thanksgiving. We’re having a Greenberg. For those of you who don’t know this bit of smoked bliss, you’re missing out on living. I was so used to eating Greenbergs that I thought all turkeys tasted that way. Then, I ate a non-Greenberg turkey and it was dry and not all that tasty. I realized that the delectable goodness that I knew was a result of their special smoking and magicosity that takes place at Greenberg.

So, you don’t have a turkey yet? Go order a Greenberg. They’ll ship anywhere in the U.S. And they’re fabulous. They kick Butterball’s butterbutt.