Here’s the person I went to see yesterday:


Yes, I am admitting that yesterday’s post was a lie. A big, fat lie. I even posted a lie comment. (Don’t bother going to check the lie-post, I already deleted it.)

Why did I lie? I’ll get to that in a moment.

So, I’m in Texas. We came in Friday night. Yesterday we surprised Britty (Tito was in on everything, Ethan slept through everything). In order to preserve the surprise, we haven’t told many people about our arrival. So, I haven’t been able to blog the past 2 weeks about packing up, heading over here, seeing my folks, them meeting Bean for the first time, Bean’s first international plane flight, or anything else. But, it’s all been worth it just to see the surprise on Britty’s face!

So, that’s why I lied. Just in case she checked my blog, I had to give her a reason why I’d been out of contact all weekend. Thus the story about going to the willage and people coming over to see us. Big Pack ‘o Lies.

I’ll be in the states for a few weeks. To pre-emptively answer your questions, I am here for some medical treatment. It’s something completely treatable and should be of short duration, but I don’t feel like sharing details right now. We also felt that it was best to come back to the States for treatment. So, here I am. I do hope to see many of you while we’re here, but we’re not going to have the crazy schedule we had last time. Right now we’re spending lots of time with family and introducing them to Bean.

Gotta run. More later.