Above the check-out stands at our local chain grocery store is a giant sign. “WE ARE AGAINST GLOBAL WARMING,” it informed me as I sacked my groceries in a plastic bag. On my way out, I walked by the display of electric heaters running at full-blast in the already warm store and a huge stack of sacks of coal ready for our home heaters. They had also installed a new drink machine that was powered by electric extension cords run out of the ceiling. As my eyes adjusted to the dark night after being in the well-lit fluorescent store, I felt good that our grocery store has such a strong social conscience.

Maybe I’ll put a sign in my living room that says “WE ARE AGAINST CLUTTER.” Although, I’m not sure if I should put it over the spot where the clothes-drying rack is standing, full of today’s laundry, or if I should find a spot on the wall above the toy basket that’s overflowing. Perhaps I could put it over the table full of the detritus of my day. I’m sure I’ll find a place and then everyone will know where I stand.