The flight we took two weeks ago was just a dress rehearsal. Tomorrow morning at the butt crack of dawn, I’ll be rising, dressing, feeding my daughter, and stumbling out the door in a bleary-eyed state. My first flight leaves at 6:50. Then, there’s a rush to a connecting flight. (Ok, it won’t be much of a rush, the part of the airport I’ll be in won’t exactly be busy.) I’ll be at my destination by 9:30 in the morning. That’s just about the time I go down for my nap!

It will be me, Bean, a hiking backpack, and a stroller…. off to go through the joys of travel without the hub. Where are we going? There’s a group of women in the country getting together in another city. Here, it’s sweater weather. There, it’s warm & nice. I’ll get to go swimming (and so will Bean!), I’ll walk on the beach, hang out with other English-speaking grown ups, and more fun stuff like that. Plus, no cooking, dishes, or housework until I return!

Also no blogging or e-mail. Yes, I know I haven’t been a stellar blogger of late. Consider this notice that my trend of slacker posting won’t improve until next month.

In other news, Bean will be 4 months old tomorrow. When she gets older I’ll tell her that I took her to a resort town for her 4 month celebration. I’m sure she’ll feel incredibly privileged.

Now, off to pack that hiking backpack!

(The comic is Bizarro by Dan Piraro. It was published on September 26, 2007.)