Congrats to all of you who, like ChadWB got an A+ plus 100 points on yesterday’s quiz. Life is continuing on in our household. The big sickie is feeling better. The little sickie is just plain miserable. She coughs and sniffles and feels yucky. The only good part: She just wants to be held. I am happy to oblige. Still, I’d like her to be 100% better tomorrow. We took her to the doc yesterday and he gave us all the meds she’ll need, so hopefully she’ll be better soon. It’s nothing serious, just her first cold.

I also got our internet settings right. To sum up the problems in a nutshell: A nutcase in our country got mad that people were talking bad about him on their blogs. So, he took them to court. The gov’t decided to shut down all blogs hosted by WordPress. I’m not sure if this will be temporary (just until the case is heard in court) or permanent. Anyway, they didn’t do a very good job of shutting things down. With some simple setting changes, I’m back in business. Annoyed, but back in business all the same.

Today a good friend came by from the village. Between chatting with her and taking care of my sweet sick Bean, not much else went on. So, nothing to report. Sorry you came by to read a big lot of nothing. I’ll work on that. 🙂

In other news, my hub is signing up for a new gmail account. Sadly, is already taken.