Well, not much went on around our house this weekend. I got to sleep in a little. It was nice to get those extra 34 minutes of sleep. After breakfast, I made 34 cookies. The hub ate only 10. I decided to go for a little walk, so I headed down to 34th Street — it was a short 34 minute walk, round-trip. Bean and I practiced her new sounds. She is cooing and gurgling a lot now. In fact, I counted 34 coos in our conversation yesterday. I got to talk to my folks on the phone for about 34 minutes. They’re doing well. They enjoyed watching Bean on the video camera. I think she kicked her feet 34 times for them. She also smiles a lot now! I think she smiles about 34 times a minute!  All in all, it was a quiet weekend at home. It would have been more quiet except for the whooping practice I was giving Beanie. She pretty quickly caught on and whooped 34 times.

Gig ’em Aggies!