A few weeks ago our external hard drive quit working. For a few days I left it alone — I didn’t try anything to fix it or access it. I call this phase “bed rest” or “temporarily ignoring a problem in hopes that an electronic item will heal itself.” It didn’t work. The thing that made me the most upset — all of our pictures from the past 3 years + all of my music are on the hard drive. Most of Bean’s pics were backed up on some CDs we gave to the hub’s parents. But, none of her videos were. And, very little of the other pictures were backed up. (Yes, I know, this is stupid. Always back up your info. Blah, blah.) The music didn’t stress me out too bad since it’s all on our iPod. I knew that if the hard drive was now only a fancy doorstop or oversized paperweight, we could get the music out of the iPod and on to a new hard drive. I’d say that 90% of that is backed up. However, 85% of it is on CDs in the spare bedroom of my in-laws house in Louisiana. Not exactly accessible….

Then, as if our house somehow shifted into the Bermuda Triangle of data, our iPod quit working. Sure, it’s so old that Apple.com no longer offers troubleshooting for our particular model, but still! It had life in it yet! And why did it have to happen while the hard drive was on the fritz! Sigh…

I refuse to admit that either piece of equipment is gone for good. We’ve sent the hard drive to tech support in the UK in hopes that they can recover our info. We’ve put the iPod to bed with an electric blanket, a stack of magazines, his favorite movies, and some chicken soup. Hopefully the next time we’re in the Big City we can take him to the Apple Store there and get it fixed. I tried everything they said to do on the Apple site except wipe it clean and start over. Until we know the state of the hard drive, I’m not wiping it clean. No way.

So, when I saw this comic today, I thought of our recent electronic dilemmas. Does anyone know where I can get me one of these here dogs?


(This is The Quigmans by Buddy Hickerson.)